What is Transgender Community? How Transgender community helps Transgender people?

Being a transgender is someone’s personal choice and there is nothing that anyone has any business. Recognized with a particular gender identity is someone’s personal choice or more over birth right. Normally people are recognize by birth and considered as male and female based on their body genitals by doctors and their entire life they are known by the same gender and sexual identity that he/she is either male or female. This concept works quite fine in almost all cases but when we talk about Transgender people, we are in bit surprised that Transgender people start fighting with themselves for their gender identity and therefore they don’t accept what they actually are? That’s the main reason why there mind and body won’t work together and both are opposing each other. Mind support to opposite sex but body is developing in same sex. That contradiction between mind and body won’t let them live freely and they are in state of depressing and start opposing rules that are meant to describe particular gender and sexual identity.

Transgender are born with different body genitals but soon they start believing that they are not in the right body and start feeling that something is missing in them and they start depressing themselves. To overcome with this situation and make transgender to believe in them, Transgender community plays a big role and therefore there are transgender communities in every city, state or in country. These Trans communities support online also and there are many other Trans people connected with these communities.

It is believed that only a Transgender can understand other transgender dating story and the problems or issues he/she is facing in current world. These transgender communities help other Transgender people to connect with each other and share their own stories with each other. Due to this, many transgender guys or girls get a life saving suggestion from other transgender members present in the community and share each other views and stories and get inspiration for other successful transgender people.

When you are sharing your problems to other community like cis gender and not with transgender community, it is quite sure that they won’t really understand the pain you are feeling and the situation where you are adjusting yourself. Instead solving your problem, there are more chances that you will get hurt or discriminated due to your gender identity. Because they are not understanding your situation and the problem you are facing but they start judging you because you are a transgender and you undergone a Trans surgery only for your personal satisfaction and nothing else.

It is hard to understand other people situation if you are not feeling the same or travelling in the same boat. And when we are not able to understand them, we start judging them and harming them and start making fun of them.

The common but mandatory fact is, this earth is belongs to every human and its his/her choice that how he/she want to recognized in this world.