7 Things Before Having a Serious Relationship with Trans Men

Trans men are totally different from trans women, and they are even different from cisgender men in dating. So, before dating trans men and have a serious relationship with trans men, here are something you should know.

Other people may judge your relationship
Once you date with transgender men, other people may make assumptions and judge your relationship. Your thoughts and identity might be influenced by other people. Some people may think that you are gay, while other people may think that you are cisgender people. More importantly, your family and friends may make assumptions on your gender identity and your love relationship with trans men. It's unfair for both trans men and their dating partners. Once you decided to start a love relationship with trans men, you should ask yourself are you ready to experience such a relationship? Are you ready to accept judgment from other people?

Support your trans dating partner
Transition from female to male is a hard process, if you are interested in trans dating, you need to support his transition. Although, life for trans men is easier and safer than trans women, transitioning is also a dangerous process. Like all trans women, trans men are faced with many pressures from the outside world, and they also want to be treated as real men. If your partner wants to transition, you need to support his decision.

Be sure that he is comfortable with dating woman
When date with a trans man, you should make sure if he is comfortable with intimacy. This is a very important step in trans dating. People who want to date trans men and women should know about your dating partner very clear before dating.

Help your partner to built confidence
Many trans men are not very confident in dating, as their dating partner, you need to help them to become confident. The first step is to respect them. Your admiration and encouragement can make him more confident than before.

Respect him as a man
You can accept his body, but it doesn't mean he can accept his body too. If he wants to have surgery, just support him and respect him. It's his body, his decision, not yours, don't always want to totally control him. The same as dating cisgender man, you don't have the right to take control of other people's life, even your life partner. Some trans men may vacillate between male and female pronouns, never make any decision for them, just respect them. Some people try to make trans men feel comfortable by using body language, it's a good way. For most trans men, hormone therapy is the best way to make them confident, because hormone therapy can make them look more like real men, and increase their masculinity.

In a word, like all cisgender men, trans men need to be treated as real men, they need respect and support. In trans dating, love and respect are always more important than anything else. Meet and date trans men if you can really accept them and love them.