More Tips for Male to Female Transformation

If you are a crossdresser or transgender and find it is harder than you imagined to be a real woman, here are some tips may help you, not from appearance, but from inside out.

1. Take up less space
There are distinct differences between a man and a woman's body language. One of the major differences between men and women is that man usually take up more space with their bodies. They spread their legs, splay out their arms and lean forward with their shoulders. Women on the other hand, tend to keep their legs together. Their arms close to their bodies and their posture in a more upright position. When you present yourself as a woman, focus on taking up less space besides feminizing your body language. This also makes you appear physically smaller.

2. Find your feminine voice
There is a huge disconnect between the way you look and the way you sound. Perfecting your feminine voice is a process that can take years. If your goal is to achieve a passable feminine voice as soon as possible, one of the quickest ways to sound more feminine is to model a woman's voice through singing. Turn on some music and sing along with a female vocalist for firmly won with a naturally deep voice. Once you are singing in tune and have found a feminine range that isn't too high in this tone, keep switching back and forth between singing and speaking until it feels natural. Not only this help you to develop a feminine pitch, it also helps you emulate the breathe and dynamic range of a woman's voice.

3. Loosen up
Loosen up your body by doing some stretching exercises to release muscular tension. You can try to shake your hips all you want, but it is not going to look natural if you have a tense and tight body. Loosen up in a figurative sense as in relax. The happiest crossdressers and transgender women don't get hung up on whether they pass or not or what everybody thinks of them, instead, they embrace who they are while constantly striving to improve themselves. You are also less likely to attract negative attention if you are laid-back and act comfortable with yourself. So choose your environment wisely, surround yourself with supportive people and enjoy being the women that you are.

4. Record yourself
If you really want to pass or blend in as a woman, you need to see yourself the way the rest of the world sees you. What you see in the mirror is completely different from the way others see you. That is why you should record yourself moving, speaking in conducting yourself as a woman. This gives you an objective perspective on your appearance, body language and voice, so you will know what needs correcting. Here are somethings to look for. How is your posture? Are you projecting confidence with your body language? Or your movements stiff or fluid? How is your voice? Not just the pitch, but the overall tone and fluidity. Are you wearing the most flattering clothes for your body? Is there anything that stands out that could attract negative attention.

Follow these rules, you will become an attractive crossdresser or transgender.